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19.08.2016 454-CI/O/IPI/GEN-IND/15/16 Notification regarding constituting of Industrial Development & Promotion Board for the State
07.01.2021 07-ICE/O/IPI/GEN-MIS/30/2017 Amendments in the West Bengal Single Window System Rules, 2017
02.11.2020 244-ICE-14011(99)/22/2020 Constitution of a dedicated Project Monitoring Unit
15.10.2020 I/103759/2020-ICE-14011(99)/22/2020-IPI SECTION Notification under WBRTPS Act on time bound disposal of application related Queries
15.10.2020 I/103752/2020-ICE-14011(99)/22/2020-IPI SECTION Notification on engagement of relationship managers for single window
15.10.2020 I/103749/2020-ICE-14011(99)/22/2020-IPI SECTION Notification for notifying regulation etc. in online wizard
15.10.2020 I/103735/2020-ICE-14011(99)/22/2020-IPI SECTION Notification regarding regulation feedback
22.09.2017 300-PAR(AR)/O/2017 Delivery of services to business through online portal
06.07.2017 1376/FES/O/2E-155/2016 Submission of all applications online for issue of Licenses and/or NOC under West Bengal Fire Services Act,1950
27.06.2017 127-CI/O/ADM/GENMISC/01 Publication of draft and procedure for finalization of business regulations
27.06.2017 622/1-PAR(AR)/AR/O/3M-35/16 Publication of draft act/ rules/ regulations, invitation of public comments/ feedback and finalization
16.07.2016 2810-G Filling up of vacancies at the Commercial Courts
28.06.2016 196-JL Constitutioin of 4(four) Commercial Courts at Siliguri, Asansol, Alipore & Rajarhat
13.11.2014 1275/PAR(AR)/O/3M-23/2014 Adoption of self-attestation and self-declaration