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Any new or existing enterprise requires to have statutory compliances based on Acts, Rules & Policies of Govt of West Bengal.

Often entrepreneurs are not aware of the specific compliances which are applicable to their enterprise.

SilpaSathi attempts to make it easier to search for these. The step by step guide below helps the entrepreneur. All that is needed, is to fill in the necessary information about the enterprise.

Once the fully filled-in proforma is submitted, a checklist of the statutory compliances required for that particular enterprise, is provided.

The list of approvals is comprehensive and that no additional approvals are required.

Compliance Questions
Please select your enterprise location :
Indicate the constitution of your enterprise :
Please select the sector where your enterprise will belong ?
Please select a specific Business
Did you obtain Trade License before operation of your enterprise?
Do you want to know the category of your Enterprise Under Environment Clearance [Protection] Act?
Does your enterprise require authorization under Hazardous Wastes (Management and Trans-boundary Movement) Rules, 2016?
Select the Category of your Enterprise under Environment Clearance [Protection] Act)
Do you require Electrical Power Connection for your Enterprise?
Did you obtain Fire Safety Recommendation?
Did you obtain Fire Safety Certificate before operation of your enterprise?
Do you require 'Fire License?"
Find out & select the category of your enterprise under West Bengal fire Safety Act., 1950?

For Class A: the building above 14.5 mtrs in height or more than 5000 Cu. Mtrs.
For Class B: High risk building for minimum height of 7 mtrs and maximum 14.5 mtrs with coverage area of maximum 5000 - 2000 Cu. Mtrs.
For Class C: below 7 meters higher or below 2000 Cu.meters
Do you require Steam Boilers in your enterprises?
What is your expected employment ?
Will Section 85 of Factories Act, 1948 be applicable to your Industrial Unit?
Section 85

In terms of Sec. 85 of Factories Act, 1948 read with no. 781-LW/1F-11/06 Dt. 03.10.2007, an enterprise cannot carry on the following manufacturing process with or without the aid of power irrespective of numbers of persons employed unless a license is issued by Directorate of Factories under Factories Act, 1948

  1. Manufacture of rubber and plastic products,
  2. Manufacturing process involving repair of Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles,
  3. Manufacturing process using or producing explosive or highly inflammable articles or substances,
  4. Fire-works manufacturing and its packaging units,
  5. Manufacturing of Leather goods,
  6. Manufacturing of Ice using ammonia as refrigerant,
  7. Pesticides formulation units,
  8. Manufacturing, handling & processing of asbestos & its products.
Does your establishment employ 10 or more Contract Labour as defined in the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 ?
Does your establishment employ 05 or more Inter-State Migrant Workmen as defined in the Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act, 1979 ?
Does your establishment fall under the defination of Establishment as per Building and other Construction workers (RE&COS) Act, 1996?
Did you select land for your enterprise?
Do you require surface water for your enterprise?
Do you use ground water for your enterprise?
Do you require Factory License under the West Bengal Factories Act, 1948?
Did you obtain approval of building plan for your enterprise?
Do you require permission for felling trees for establishment of your factory?
Did you apply for building occupancy certificate before operation of your unit?
Did you obtain profession tax registration certificate under the West Bengal State Tax on Profession, Trade, calling and Employments Rules, 1979?
Did you obtain registration under West Bengal Shops and Establishment Act, 1963?
Do you require Drug License for your enterprise?
Does  your enterprise fall under Tourism Sector?
Do you require Registration of Brands of Liquor from Excise Directorate?
Do you require Registration under Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011?